All Glowbes - Gift Kit (Changeable)

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Add a sprinkle of enchantment and magic to your room.

Perfect for spending some time indoors on a cozy night.

Sparks the imagination and creates a magical vibe.

Light bounces off of the layered paper to create a beautiful balance of light and shadows.


DIY Craft project - Spend some time unwinding on a project that's rewarding for both adults & children!

Easy to set up - Clear instructions and video tutorials to follow.

Night-light - Makes for an amazing night light for kids.

Magical - Fantasy style art creates a magical feeling.

USB Rechargeable - No need for disposable batteries.

Remote control - Adjust dimmable lights & turn on/off through the remote.

Unique gift - Perfect gift that comes with gift packaging and 3d card for free!

Gift Kit:

x1 MyGlowbe DIY craft pack
x1 Myglowbe Wooden light base
x1 Glowbe bubble
x1 USB Charging cable
x1 Craft Glue
x1 Brush
x1 Craft Tweezers
x1 Gift Box
x1 Craft Instructions
x1 Video Instructions

Completed glowbe size: 10.5 x 10.5 x 11 cm

Yes, not only is it easy, but it's a fun little activity too!

We have both step-by-step YouTube video & paper tutorials for every glowbe.

You can have a preview of the crafting process below if you're unsure!

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